Two Booked Up Podcast

Two Booked Up Podcast

Two Booked Up is a podcast I co-host with my bookworm friend, Rowena Mabbott, who lives across the ocean in Australia. Rowena and I share our top takeaways from our latest read. And because we're both moms (well, Rowena calls herself a mum!) and solo business owners, this tends to influence our choice of books.

Once we've shared an overview of the book and our top takeaways, I think that the magic begins in the subsequent episodes. We add to the conversation that the book has ignited and apply its principles to our lives and businesses.

If you consider yourself a reader (whether you currently read a little or a lot), if you love learning, or if you're looking for a bit of inspiration to design a life you love, then Two Booked Up is for you.

Can't find the time to read? We've got you covered!

The podcast format is the perfect way to get that book club vibe (psssst... you don't even have to have read the book... but you might find that you want to after listening!). Plus, you can just listen to the podcast when you're doing your other chores.

We've actually done a podcast about listening to podcasts (yes, very meta), and a podcast about finding the time to read.

Take inspired action in your business and take intentional steps to design a life you love β€” through the power of books!

Rowena brings her expertise as a career and life confidence coach and her background in positive psychology. She’s also a mum of two boys, a teen and tween.

And I bring my passion for small business and my many years of experience of all things tech and copywriting in the creative entrepreneurial space. And, as you may have learned from this site, I'm homeschooling my two boys β€” so that tends to come up in our conversations too!